Special Orders

While you browse through the notes on our site, you will see some harder to find notes that states 'SPECIAL ORDERS'. In order to purchase these notes, just place an order as you would normally, and we will acquire them for you. The full payment must be made and it is REQUIRED, so we can place order for them for you. Though, there is no 100% guarantee that the notes will be available, if we can't get them, you will always get your full money back(refunded), but most of the times, we can get them for you. 

Please note though, Special Orders can normally take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, for some of them, we will have to get them from overseas. 

Should you change your mind after you have paid for the Special Orders, you can only cancel it within 24 hours. Once we place an order for your special order, we cannot give you back your refund. We will NOT place an order for the special orders for 24 hour period and hold it for you just in case, and we will let you know time frame of when the order will be made, and if the special order gets placed AFTER that time, the cancellation CANNOT be made.

We will always update you on the status when it comes to the special orders, so you KNOW they are coming.

Thank You Very Much.